Better decisions from

better meter data

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Thanks to the organized data from the meters.


Smartvee is an intuitive application for collecting, validating, correcting and organizing data from meters.

It has been developed for District Heating companies, Water Supply companies and Electricity sellers.

Challenges linked with meter data:

Lack of own, complete meter database

Gradual transformation from manual to remote reading

Time-consuming complaint handling

No time for data verification

Infrastructure costs

Lack of specialists in the field of data analysis

Smartvee is an easy-to-use application that will help you find and correct irregularities in your data. You do not need advanced analytical skills to use it.

Uploading the meter data to the application

Verification of deviations from consumption trend

Automatic data validation

Performance overview and data export





Support for the invoicing process

Elimination of human and reading systems errors

Support in meter diagnostics

Reporting of irregularities and deviations in consumption

The use of Smartvee allows:

Automation of meter data management process

Having a structured, efficient and scalable meter database

A simple and clear main panel allows intuitive navigation through the main menu. The possibility of analysis according to specific validation rules (comparison of measurements, negative consumption, deviation from consumption trend, possibility to create your own validation rules) allows you to eliminate potentially false readings.

Smartvee is a simple tool to support our systems, which has allowed us to improve the whole range of processes. Thanks to better quality of data from meters, we have increased the efficiency of our billing and invoicing - a small change of great importance.

Smartvee include also:

Building up the consumption history of each customer

Notification on suspicious readings

Information for consumers on their consumption

ConnectPoint offers powerful analytical tools for monitoring and optimizing equipment in the infrastructure.

Monitoring and optimisation of pump operation

Monitoring and optimisation of the operation of heat substations

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